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Franck Khalfoun’s “Maniac” Poster Series By Midnight Marauder

The Series was made in Conjunction with Alternative Movie Posters / Metrodome Contest.

Don’t Forget to Catch the Film in Theaters and on VOD Today (June 21st)

Also Get The Heart Pounding Soundtrack on Vinyl over at Death Waltz Recordings UK and Europe Only. States Side get the Vinyl over At Mondo Friday.

I’d like to Also Thank Don over @Blurppy.com for his Article on the set.

NEWS UPDATE : A Big Thank you to the Fine Folks over at Bloody - Disgusting for their awesome article on the MANIAC Poster set.

Direct Link : Bloody - Disgusting

NEWS UPDATE : One Hell of a Day so Far, Dread Central Article has just dropped ! Thanks so much guys for the great piece !! 

Direct Link : Dread Central

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Happy Friday !! 



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